Handcrafted Decorative Copper

Decorative copper rapièce the single copper decoration of copper devices of gallery. Vases, pots, jugs and centre pieces of copper decorative. Copper chargers, copper candlesticks and hammered copper sinks.The copper chargers this beautiful copper art comes from the small village of Santa Clara del Cobre, high localised in Madre sierra. Mexican copper has long and rich tradition in this area. People here worked with copper a long time before Columbus came to America. The Spaniard developed Santa Clara to ensure their needs for cobre in the new world. Today, this remainder the center of America for handcrafted copper articles.The techniques of copper hammered of sinks improved finished time, but the basic method did not change. Each piece is manufactured with the hand by the skilful copper ironmongers employing a forging mill open to heat and softens metal. It then is on several occasions hammered above an anvil until the desired form is created.To click Santa Clara to learn more about the history of the small village which produces these beautiful articles. To review by our catalogue to find the pieces of copper decorative a-of-a-pleasant, the hammered copper sinks, the chargers and the candlesticks.

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