Decorative copper plate

Liven on all the kitchen with the luminous look and classic of this handcrafted the slab of decorative copper plate. Handcrafted the nature of this product will produce to the secondary differences in design and incollatura. The thin variations will be introduced from the part to the part, adding to the relative only qualities. The measures can vary little. Slab of hammered branch Handcrafted. The fruit painted by hand with the sun and the moon plans around to the edge. The surface of the sealed slab, will not be clouded. Enclosed base of branch. The slab can be hung using a hook of the slab offers the complete systems for the decorative metalization and works them that it contains chemistry, the equipment, the service and the anodes. Like the main supplier of the branch world, of nichel and bichromate of potassio, we it can answer nearly every need of application. Because of our long experience, Atotech has deepened acquaintance of the senses to improve the appearance and the quality of your applications.

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